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OrcaSong Botanicals

About Our Products

OrcaSong Botanicals is a project to build a community around nature, its capacity to heal, and the countless ways it brings people together. At OrcaSong Botanicals, we celebrate nature by curating blends of high-quality botanical ingredients, infusing them with cannabinoids, and adding naturally-derived, Rapid Delivery ingredients to increase their efficacy.

Farming Hemp

OrcaSong is Different

The effects of CBD often vary from person to person, for example, CBD is a great relaxation aid for some, while others find it helps them focus and get work done. While other companies offer CBD isolates infused into products with no other botanical ingredients, OrcaSong Botanicals products are made with broad-spectrum hemp extract plus synergistic botanicals to create an array of experiences that meet people where they are in terms of their reaction to CBD.

Rapid Delivery

Another thing you’re not likely to find in other CBD products: Rapid Delivery technology. OrcaSong’s Rapid Delivery technology is made from simple, natural ingredients and works by creating an iontophoretic effect when in contact with tissue. In essence, it uses a tiny chemical reaction that creates a current that draws compounds into the tissue for increased efficacy

What does this mean for you? You may feel the effects of the CBD and supportive botanicals inside our products faster. Learn more here or try them and see for yourself.

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