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OrcaSong Botanicals

Our Philosophy

Plant Healing, Plain And Simple

OrcaSong Botanicals is a project to build a community around nature, its capacity to heal, and the countless ways it brings people together. At OrcaSong Botanicals, we celebrate nature by curating blends of high-quality botanical ingredients, infusing them with cannabinoids, and adding rapid delivery technology to increase their efficacy. We grow many of the plants featured in our products on our organic botanical and hemp farm, OrcaSong Farm, on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington State. We strive to create organic and natural products that work better than anything else, in compostable, recyclable, and reusable packages.

Orcasong Farm fields

Better Healing through Science

Rapid Delivery technology is a cutting edge, proprietary cannabinoid delivery system, made of natural ingredients, that has been shown to increase the efficacy of products to which it is added. Rapid Delivery Technology allows cannabinoids, as well as the other beneficial compounds found in plant medicine, to make their way into the body’s systems quickly and effectively and at smaller doses than competing products. Rapid Delivery Technology works through iontophoresis; a common practice in cosmetics, that utilizes tiny electrical currents to draw molecules across cell barriers and deep into tissue for maximum efficacy. Usually, this requires expensive equipment, but Rapid Delivery technology recreates this same process using only natural ingredients.

Hemp in hands

Sustainable Supplements

The art of farming is the practice of maintaining the earth. As a company built around the wonders of farming and plant cultivation, we strive to apply those same principles to our products. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve the sustainability of our products. We prioritize using materials that are compostable, recyclable, or else reusable whenever we can. That’s why you’ll notice that most of our products are packaged in glass and cardboard. We’re working to minimize the use of plastics in our packaging. Even our labels are made from recycled biostone instead of tree-based paper.

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