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Four Experienced-Based Lines Provide Wellness for Any Mood

Chase away the haze. Our Invigorate formulas leave you feeling energized, alert and focused. These blends feature bold, stimulating natural ingredients that jolt you awake and to attention. Show up fresh, perform your best.

A vacation for your senses. Our Delight formulas are designed to highlight the whimsical side of plant healing. These non-intoxicating blends help to enhance the moment with uplifting ingredients.

Easy does it, tiger. Our Unwind formulas help get you elated and sedated. These blends feature natural ingredients that promote peace, calm and relaxation, to help you dial things back a bit. Each product is like a deep, calming breath. 

Take the edge off. Our Relieve formulas work to enhance your comfort so you can be fully present in the moments that matter and get the rest and relaxation that you deserve. Life is good, be present for it.